Home and Boat Watch Services You Can Trust

Winter Watch is primarily a construction company. As a sole proprietor, I am a licensed and bonded general contractor with home construction and remodeling as my primary service.

Another portion of my time and expertise is to provide assistance to homeowners who are away for winter months. I provide weekly checks (and keep written documentation) to keep an eye on heat, and water, and manage security checks and snow removal in order to avoid potential freeze-ups and costly disasters. As a full-time resident of Seldovia, I pride myself on handling whatever needs to be done in a timely manner to secure your property.

Weekly checks range from $25-45 with additional small fees for outbuildings, cars, RVs or boats also stored on the property that require extra care. In big snow winters, there are additional fees related to snow removal (from roofs or decking) or snow plowing access as desired by the homeowner or recommended by me for the security of your property.

I also provide the management of winterization and de-winterization for homes, which may also include meeting with the city maintenance crew to turn on/off the water at additional costs.

As one can imagine, each property requires different care, from the size of the home, number of bathrooms, kitchens, whether it is a commercial property, in town or out the road, outbuildings, etc. I do have the general fees posted online here under the FORMS tab that you can review.  Each property requirements are reviewed with the homeowner upon acceptance of the Application for Service, so that a custom plan may be created depending on the needs/desires of the homeowner.

There may be times when you request a check on your property that is outside the scope of the regular weekly check. Any additional visit to the property will have a minimum fee of $25. Also, after a big storm or snowfall, at my discretion, an additional visit may be required to ensure the security of your property. It is very important to note that all my clients who are on my weekly watch list will receive priority attention during those times after a large snowfall or storm. I will manage my client's situations (managing snow removal and plowing, and assisting if there are problems such as broken windows, fallen trees or hazardous situations) before accepting calls for help from additional Seldovia homeowners. You and your property/investment are my priority!

I generally send invoices out on a quarterly basis and appreciate your prompt payment as the work and service has already been performed.

Outstanding service is what separates Winter Watch from the rest. See the FORMS page or call for further information or descriptions of service and pricing.

Benefits of our Winter Watch services:

  • Peace of Mind while you are away from home.
  • Regular visits to the home, so that it does not appear to be left or abandoned 
  • 24 Emergency Maintenance available
  • Monitoring the temperature (very important during cold months - freeze-ups can occur!)
  • Exterior checks to secure the building, and monitor any activity around the structure
  • Interior checks to run the water, check the electricity and temperature in the home
  • Check the fuel and propane levels
  • Check the electric meter for unusual usage 
  • After storm checks for potential storm damage
  • We can provide service from Seldovia to Jakolof Bay
  • Provide a running log of conditions found and report to the client on a quarterly basis (unless there's an emergency)
  • Contact and billing services via email 
  • Special quotes are available for homes beyond Barabara Creek or off the road system (boat only)
  • Special rates apply to commercial properties 

Winter Watch

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