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What We Do...

Do you own a home or boat in Seldovia?  Are you often away, either for business or pleasure or perhaps the whole winter?  How fabulous would it be to have someone responsible, honest, reliable and capable - looking after your investment here in Seldovia while you are away?

That is what we do.  I am Paul "Sonny" Chissus, owner of Winter Watch in Seldovia, Alaska.  With over 35 years of construction experience, I have the knowledge and expertise to take care of any maintenance or repair issue that may come up with a home during your absence.  If it is outside my area of expertise, then I know how to find the right person for the job.  That can often be a tricky thing in a remote town like Seldovia!

Besides my construction experience, I have lived on and worked on boats my whole life - that is my passion!  We own a 32-foot Westsail that is living in our small boat harbor here in Seldovia - so you will often find me down on the docks checking up on her!   We have completely renovated her, from bulkheads to bowsprit - she has had a complete overhaul!  We are hoping to take her to warmer waters someday, but for now, she is safe and close by in our Seldovia marina.

Winter Watch offers a myriad of services, from weekly checks - interior or exterior or both of your home or boat to small repairs and home renovations, to remodels and additions - from the small 'fixes' to the large jobs, we can take care of your Seldovia home and boat needs.

Please feel free to give me a call and I would be happy to outline in more detail the services that I provide for boats and homes here in Seldovia.

Winter Watch
PO Box 263, Seldovia, Alaska 99663
Winter Watch